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How I can help you

Either you are a private individual or large corporate organisation I can assist you if you:

  • are buying or purchasing a property in Argentina,
  • are selling or transferring a property in Argentina,
  • need to translate business and legal documents into Spanish,
  • need a background check from Argentina,
  • need a team of professional to assist you in Argentina.

How I will help you

To ensure that you fully understand what you are buying and to give you full reassurance about entering into your deed, I will:

  • help with all the paperwork required to buy Real Estate in Argentina,
  • assist you with the understanding of your deed in Spanish,
  • provide a background report on your Argentine counterpart,
  • travel, if required, and help with negotiations between English and Spanish Speaking parties,
  • help you find your perfect real estate investment in Argentina.

Imagine a country that has everything