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How I can help you

Either you are a private individual or large corporate organisation I can assist you if you:

  • are buying or purchasing a property in Argentina,
  • are selling or transferring a property in Argentina,
  • need to translate business and legal documents into Spanish,
  • need a background check from Argentina,
  • need a team of professional to assist you in Argentina.

How I will help you

To ensure that you fully understand what you are buying and to give you full reassurance about entering into your deed, I will:

  • help with all the paperwork required to buy Real Estate in Argentina,
  • assist you with the understanding of your deed in Spanish,
  • provide a background report on your Argentine counterpart,
  • travel, if required, and help with negotiations between English and Spanish Speaking parties,
  • help you find your perfect real estate investment in Argentina.

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Regulation for determination and payment of income tax relating to sale of securities by non-residents and foreign companies

The substantial impact of the Resolution is that it puts an end to a unclarity of the legal reform of 2013 that had levied transfer of shares with income tax, where it was not clear how would the income tax be withheld when both the acquiring party and the selling party were non-residents. Now, the Resolution regulates who will be the withholding agent in cases involving sales or transfers by non-residents or foreign companies.
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