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I am a lawyer qualified in Argentina based in Central London working as a Business Facilitator on Argentine Real Estate.
  • Fluent Spanish, English and Italian.
  •  I can help with all documentation related to buying and selling of property in Argentina.  
  • I assist corporate organisations and private individual clients on real estate operations.
  • Fast, reliable and consultative service with competitive rates. 

Why Argentina

Argentina is the third-largest producer of grains in the world and second in terms of certified surface area for organic production with considerable advantages in terms of production and profit levels. It is also a key producer and exporter of commodities, raw materials and food products and has European-like lifestyle opportunities.


Buying Real Estate in Argentina is easy

My unique approach to cross-border business issues resolves the cultural conceptual and linguistic problems my clients face in dealing with a Spanish speaking business system.

My fees

I understand the need for honest, affordable, courteous and professional assistance at such times. Feel free to contact me on 07970528517 or by email at: enquiries@danielcristiano.co.uk