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I am an abogado qualified in Argentina and based in Central London working as a Business Facilitator on Argentine Real Estate Operations for UK based buyers.
I assist corporate organisations and private individual clients with all the administrative procedures related to the purchase of property in Argentina.

About me

  • I graduated  from the Universidad Católica De La Plata, Argentina, 1992-1996.
  • I worked in Argentina for the Ministry Of Economy of Buenos Aires on Credit Recovery and Bankruptcy. I also worked in Argentina as a private lawyer specializing in Corporate and Contract Law. I am a member of the British-Argentine Chamber Of Commerce and the Anglo-Argentine Society.
  • If you don’t have a good understanding of the Spanish language and want to make sure that you get all contracts and relevant documentation translated, I am uniquely placed to be able to offer you assistance in layman’s terms.
  • I am very happy to work alongside other professionals if you are using a solicitor but are struggling for language and cultural competence reasons.

Why Argentina

Argentina is the third-largest producer of grains in the world and second in terms of certified surface area for organic production with considerable advantages in terms of production and profit levels. It is also a key producer and exporter of commodities, raw materials and food products and has European-like lifestyle opportunities.

Buying Real Estate in Argentina can be straightforward

My unique approach to cross-border business issues resolves the cultural conceptual and linguistic problems my clients face in dealing with a Spanish speaking business system.


Regulation for determination and payment of income tax relating to sale of securities by non-residents and foreign companies

The substantial impact of the Resolution is that it puts an end to a unclarity of the legal reform of 2013 that had levied transfer of shares with income tax, where it was not clear how would the income tax be withheld when both the acquiring party and the selling party were non-residents. Now, the Resolution regulates who will be the withholding agent in cases involving sales or transfers by non-residents or foreign companies.
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